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With Fast Change straightforward user interface, you can choose from a variety of cryptocurrencies. Using a variety of trading pairs you can profitably ride the market in order to grow one’s investment portfolio.


Step 1.  Select the cryptocurrency to exchange.

Choose the cryptocurrency pair and enter the crypto wallet address where the chosen coin will be transferred.


Step 2. Complete the transfer

Transfer the deposit to the target wallet address. The transaction is handled by Fast Change exchange to minimize the risks for all parties.


Step 3. Receive the coins to your own wallet.

The average time of the transaction is 5 minutes. Fast Change exchange platform guarantees frictionless deal completion at the minimum time possible.

Fast Change cryptocurrency exchange hosts a list of cryptocurrencies and tokens and generates an address for these assets for their clients. Then the client can send (deposit) a series of coins to its generated address. This allows him to open a sell order with the desired price either in Bitcoin or in another coin that the exchange provides a trading pair with.


After a trade, the user can withdraw all coins for the specific coin type into their personal wallet or into their multi-wallet, and ask for a withdrawal. It’s that simple!

How to exchange BTC to XRP

You can exchange Bitcoin to Ripple (XRP, ERC-20) instantly at Fast Change at the best rate possible. Enjoy full automation, maximum speed, and the best exchange rates!


You can exchange Bitcoin for Ripple easily in just a few steps. First, enter the desired amount of Ripple (ERC20) and enter your wallet address to receive a confirmation request. Confirm that you wish to exchange and your order is open. Send Ripple (ERC20) to the address of your order. After the required network confirmation, Bitcoin will be sent immediately.


Ripple (XRP) was founded in 2014 by Ripple Limited. The developers managed to qualitatively implement an exciting idea — to combine real currency and blockchain technology. As a result, the XRP stablecoin appeared — its rate almost always equals $1.


In 2018, XRP was released on the Ripple blockchain using the ERC-20 protocol. This made Ripple compatible with decentralized apps, dramatically increased transaction speeds, and drastically reduced fees. Currently, Ripple is the most popular among users on the XRP blockchain.

Calculator is one of the best exchanges where you can profitably exchange Bitcoin for XRP. You can exchange BTC for XRP at a favorable rate among cryptocurrency pairs on this platform.
Fast-change is a user-friendly interface, at the first visit, it is immediately clear how to act! Our experts work for you to guarantee you instant cryptocurrency transfers, security and privacy, and to make it convenient for you to use our service.
Our advantages:

  • conversion, exchange and purchase of cryptocurrency without registration;
  • secure exchange;
  • no limits;
  • without additional fees and hidden fees;
  • instant transfer of coins to your wallet.

The exchange offers an instant exchange of BTC to XPR in just a few steps:

  1. Choose the pair of cryptocurrencies you need
  2. Enter the required deposit amount.
  3. Get your coins to your wallet within 1-2 minutes.

On our platform, you can exchange over 300 coins and tokens at the sickest rate! In 2018, XRP was released on the Ripple blockchain using the ERC-20 protocol. Ripple is currently the most popular among users on the XRP blockchain.
Bitcoin (BTC) is a privacy-focused open source cryptocurrency that was launched in 2014. Bitcoin (BTC) runs on the CryptoNote algorithm, unlike public blockchains (like Bitcoin, Ripple, etc.). When sending, you cannot see the sender, the recipient, or even the amount that was sent. This is possible through the use of ring signature and hidden address technologies.
Important! Do not send XRP through a third party contract! Such transactions are not processed automatically.

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