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1) Pick the crypto exchange couple

First, under “You Send” select Bitcoin. Then, enter the amount of BTC you want to exchange. Next, under “You get” select Binance Coin. Click on the Exchange button.

2) Type the receiver’s address

Now you must enter the receiver’s Binance Coin address. Your BNB money shall be sent to this address immediately after the exchange. Create an exchange.

3) Send and Get cryptocurrencies

On the exchange page you will see the address to send the Binance Coin amount you have specified to continue the BTC/BNB exchange. After we get the deposit to our address, we send you the Binance Coin.

Fastchange is an instant cryptocurrency exchange that provides the ability to convert BTC to BNB in just a few clicks without registering. With our service, you can exchange more than 500 cryptographic and fiat currencies.

Buy Binance Coin (BNB) for Bitcoin (BTC)

We have created a useful calculator that will help you find out the approximate amount of bitcoin that you will get before you make a BTC/BNB exchange. The BTC to BNB converter will show you the approximate bet, you only must enter the necessary amount in the Binance Coin



If you don’t want to convert BTC to BNB, you can change any other currencies using our exchange service. We provide fast transactions, good rates and precise exchange amounts between any crypto pairs

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